I’m back!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see I’ve decided to revive my blog. Hopefully this time things will be a bit less doom and gloom and a bit more balanced (perhaps even positive in places!)

It turns out for me, without a lot of care, blogging turns into me just complaining or thinking about all the negativity out there in the world, which is why I abandoned this over two years ago. Then the pandemic happened and 1) I had no head space for documenting my thoughts at the time (although it may have been really interesting to look back on in the future) and 2) it would definitely have been a dark and depressing place. Thankfully I had a good group of friends and colleagues around me who were up to mutually despairing and listening to my anxiety filled rants.

Two years on I’m in a much better mental space and things are feeling a bit more positive – although I still maintain the world is on fire and going in a very bad direction, but I need to focus on the stuff that I can change and that I have capacity to deal with, rather than taking to heart all the bad thats going on. Part of that has meant I have joined a whole lot of facebook groups for past-times I enjoy (cross-stitch, dogs and Swarovski crystal), rather than disability related activism. Activism is still important to me, but I need to ensure that I do it on my terms and not let it affect my emotions as much as I did. I’ve also removed my self from Twitter to a large extent and try to only watch the news once a day. These small changes have had a really positive impact.

I’ve had a fair few changes happen in the last two years as well, (some of which I will write about in future post) and I have a lot of stuff coming up that are pretty exciting! I’m looking forward to sharing these with you!

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